Sunday, January 27, 2013

Piper's Book Tour Schedule

It's getting closer to the release date for Hunting Daylight! On February 5th, I'll be stopping by fantastic book blogs to talk about the writing process and the "Night" series. You are cordially invited to visit. So please come along!

 Piper Maitland's Blog Tour Schedule for
Hunting Daylight

2/5 Romantic Times - Guest Post

2/6 Sci Fi Chick - Q&A

2/7 Magical Urban Fantasy Reads - Guest Post

2/8 Bea's Book Nook - Q&A

2/11 Good Choice Reading - Guest Post

2/12 Dangerous Romance-- Guest Post

2/13 SF Signal -- Guest Post on the Science of Vampirism

2/14 Urban Fantasy Investigations - Deleted Scene from Hunting Daylight

2/15 Literal Addiction - Q&A

2/18 The Qwillery tba

SF Signal, Podcast

For information about the "Night" series, visit

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Downton Abbey Obsession

Every Sunday, while we watch the PBS period drama, "Downton Abbey," we eat over-the-top desserts. 
One week it was cupcakes.  

 Last Sunday, I bought strawberry cream cheese pastries and pimped them with fresh, probably poisonous, flowers. 

 Naturally we plucked off the offensive botanical matter and consumed the goodies.

I should probably be talking about vampires, but here I am talking about my insatiable appetite for British melodrama. I mainly read non-fiction that centers around the Wars of the Roses and Tudor periods. I have no desire to write about Henry and his wives--I just can't get enough of him. I was a huge fan of the HBO hit series, "The Tudors," and when it ended, I gleefully latched onto PBS's "Downton Abbey." Each week, I'd stuff myself with scones while I watched the drama unfold in the green countryside of Hampshire. The series focuses on the inhabitants of "Downton Abbey," upstairs and downstairs. I especially love the kitchen scenes.  This character-driven series zeroes in on the (slightly impoverished) Earl of Grantham, his sensible (and wealthy) American wife, and their daughters.


Every week, we're treated to over-the-topness in a grand way, from food to emotional angst to twisty love affairs. I love the meals and the confusing array of silver and crystal that adorn Downton's dining room table, even though I would have been a failure as a footwoman. But that doesn't stop me from swooning over the  flower-covered wedding cakes and the juicy wildness that flows between the characters.
Because like the best fiction, this is what pulls me in each week: the characters. I want someone to free Bates, I want Edith to find a happily-ever-after, and I flat out adore Maggie.

Downton is based on a real place, Highclere Castle.


 A look at the real Downtown Abbey:

I love the series so much, I even made a Pinterest board. But, of course, Pinterest is great for finding recipes, too, 
which is another passion. 

Thanks for visiting!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday Musings


A resolution for 2013 was to eat less and blog more. Now that the flu is over, I've been blogging at Rattlebridge Farm, working on the third installment of my southern mystery series, and testing recipes for our Superbowl party. Unfortunately, I'm not eating less, but I've had a delightful time finding recipes on Foodgawker and Pinterest.

 In just 16 days, Hunting Daylight will arrive in bookstores. Piper's website has been updated, and I'm working on guest posts for a blog tour. 
Then I'm looking forward to my mom's 85th birthday party, which will involve more food. Lots and lots of food.

Happy Monday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Giveaway

Flu season has arrived at our farm,
and I've been making huge pots of chicken soup. Hope you're staying well!
I was happy to hear that my publisher will be giving away copies of Acquainted With the Night, the prequel to Hunting Daylight, which will be published Feb 4th. If you'd like to enter the contest, click on the link. Good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Acquainted With the Night by Piper Maitland

Acquainted With the Night

by Piper Maitland

Giveaway ends January 28, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hunting Daylight -- Piper's New Book

From the publisher:
Daylight is coming on February 5th
Piper Maitland returns with the hotly anticipated follow-up to Acquainted With the Night.
Hunting  Daylight
Out of the Shadows...
For more than a decade, Caro Barrett has had doubts about the death of her husband, Jude, who disappeared while looking for  tribe of day-walking vampires in an African rainforest. Now, their daughter Vivi is struggling through her teenage years without a father. Waiting in the wings is Raphael Della Rocca, an ancient vampire ready to possess Caro's heart--and to protect her and Vivi from harm. And, with Caro's husband declared legally dead, Caro feels it's finally time to move on . . . .
A hemisphere away in a windowless compound, an Ottoman vampire lies dying from a rare blood disease that has made him vulnerble to the faintest bit of light. Yet he is determined to vanquish its power over him--
to feel the sun on his face one last time.
And in Caro's darkest fears, he will be lifted into the light of day.
Early Praise:
"Picking up with events following last year's Acquainted With the Night, Hunting Daylight dives deep into the dangerous world of vampires and the obsession of one dangerous man. Taut and engaging, this well-written novel is filled with sacrifice, loss and terror."
--Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times, **** Four stars
On Sale: February 5, 2013
Praise for Acquainted With the Night
"A roller coaster."
--Publishers Weekly
"A twisted and complex take on vampire lore and legends . . . If you're a fan of unusual vampire stories, this action-packed and fast-paced book will please you immensely."
-- Fresh Fiction
"This book is fantastic. A perfect blend of Dan Brown's religious intrigue, Michael Crichton's scientific thriller, and Anne Rice's vampire novels. The writing is wonderfully done, keeping the reader engaged, not letting go until the last page has turned. . .
--Portland Book Review
"Edge-of-your-seat, otherworldly suspense laced with a wicked sense of humor."
--Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author
"Vampires and non stop sex!"
--Diana Gabaldon, New York Times bestselling author
Berkley Mass Market Paperback
560 pages, $9.99
Available as a paperback and an e-book