Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Acquainted With the Night: Giveaways, Guest Posts, and Book Trailers

The holidays are upon us, and if you're expecting immortal house guests, here's a humorous guide (for mortals only, of course) at the blog I Smell Sheep. You can also enter the contest to win a copy of Acquainted With the Night:

For a look at the mythology behind the vampires in Acquainted With the Night, visit Urban Fantasy Investigations and check out the book giveaway:

I probably had too much fun playing with Windows Movie Maker (yep, I loved it), and I made about 5 million book trailers. Here are two. I hope you will enjoy them!

A look at the events in Caro's childhood:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Interior Design 101 for Vampires

What if a wealthy, gorgeous vampire asked you to decorate his mansion? Would you run? Put on a garlic necklace? Or accept the job?

 Find out the secrets of immortal design at Happily Ever After, where I'm today's guest poster. Leave Jess a message for a chance to win a copy of AWTN.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Night Falls in 8 Days

Night Falls November 29th.
Strange anagrams on a passport leads Caro and Jude to a cliff-top monastery in Greece, where a shattering revelation connects a relic Caro inherited from her parents to an age-old text on immortality—and an enigmatic prophecy that pits the forces of darkness and light in a showdown that could destroy them all….

I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had writing Acquainted With the Night. This doesn't mean it was easy. I had to learn how to pace and plot, plus I needed to find a fresh take on vampirism--but it was still a magical time.
I began paying close attention to the night.

I waited for sunrise and sunset.
Credit: MLWest

You can find me today at Demon Lovers Books and More where I discuss Acquainted With the Night.

The Kindle contest is still open (closes Nov 22).
To check out book giveaways and more, visit my website and check the blog tour schedule.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Piper's Blog Tour Dates plus the Kindle Giveaway

If you'd like to check out giveaways where Piper will be touring for Acquainted With the Night, the updated schedule can be found here:

Emily has created and added "grab this" buttons on the sidebar.

Also, on, you can find cool info about the novel--character sketches, photos, a faux Wiki page for Historia Immortalis, an 8th century illustrated manuscript, and even a scientific abstract on the science of vampirism. If you'd like to listen to the behind-the-scenes music that inspired Acquainted With the Night, just click on the playlist.

Finally, the Kindle giveaway ends November 22nd.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

When All Else Fails, Eat Cornbread

Thirty five years ago, I was a student nurse, but I really wanted to write fiction. I cobbled together stories in an airless closet under the staircase and pinned my rejection slips on the wall. We're talking floor-to-ceiling wallpaper here. Some of the slips had tiny indentions in the paper, as if the editor had stabbed them over and over with a sharp pencil, or maybe a butcher knife.

The free wallpaper continued for a decade. My family begged me to give up this crazy dream and go make cornbread. I made the cornbread, but kept writing, Lord knows why. I just like words and making up stuff. There's no telling how much weight I gained from stress eating--and corn bread was a favorite. It still is. When things get tough, I pull out my cast iron skillet and the cornmeal. The best comfort food is cornbread and milk, of course.

But I'm digressing. I was talking about how I kept going despite setbacks and slammed doors. One Mother's Day, my eldest son wrote me a letter: To my Mom. I've never seen anybody work harder than you and get nowhere. But I love ya.

I didn't have a PhD in literature. I didn't know any writers. If I saw an infinitive, I gleefully split it. I thought a plot had something to do with gardening, as in a "plot" of land. But I kept going. I got up at dawn to write so my avocation wouldn't interfere with family life, and I stayed up late. I joined a writing group. The members were spread out all over the country, and we communicated via snail mail. One of the members was just like me--a soccer mom. Her name is Shirley Hailstock. We were unpublished, struggling to raise small children and find time to write. (Shirley is the best selling author of nearly thirty novels, and her latest is Holding Up the World; she's also a past president of Romance Writer's of America. She's one of my best pals.)

During those years, I continued to paper my walls. I wasn't published, but I was still a writer. It's easy to spot one. They have ink stains on their hands and clothes. They can't go two seconds without thinking, "What if....?"

A long time ago, someone advised me to be a "bit like a weed." I embraced that advice. In 1988, I submitted a short story to a very fine literary journal.  The editor in chief wrote me a two page rejection letter. It basically said, Dear Horrible Writer, You suck. Stop sending us stories or we shall cry. Etc, etc.

Somehow I kept going. My first novel was published in 1990. I was 38 years old. Like my mama says, I was the opposite of an overnight sensation. Now I'm 58. I no longer work in a closet, however I don't have an office. I have a laptop, and I roam around the house. If the weather isn't too grim, I like to sit outside with a legal pad.
If I get stuck, I go inside and eat cornbread.

When someone reads one of my books, I'm always surprised. And grateful. No matter if they loved the book, had a meh reaction, or flat out hated it, I'm amazed and thankful. I want to hug each reader. One of my grandmother's favorite sayings was, "A bell can't make a sound until someone rings it." I don't know who originally said that; but I feel that way about books. A book isn't a book until someone, somewhere, takes time out of their day and reads it.  So, if you've read one of my books, I HEART you, big time, and wish we could share a pan of cornbread.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Tour Schedule for Acquainted With the Night

The pub date is almost here! Acquainted With the Night will arrive in bookstores on November 29th.
I am happy to announce the schedule for Piper Maitland's blog tour, November - December 2011:

Web Address
Contact Name
Booking Date
TYPE (Q&A, guest post, giveaway)
Guest Post/Q&A Due Date
Guest Post Topic

My Bookish Ways                     
Kristen Centorcelli     
Nov. 16, Wed.
Review, Q&A
Nov. 13

Literary Escapism
Jackie Morgan
Nov. 17, Thurs.
Guest post, giveaway
Nov. 15
Guest article
A Book Obsession
Kt Clapsadl
Nov. 18, Fri.
Review, Q&A, giveaway
Nov. 15

Bea's Book Nook
Bea Connors
Nov. 19, Sat.
Review, guest post
Nov. 16

Demon Lover's Books and More
Laurie Hunsaker
Nov. 20, Sun.
Review, guest post, giveaway
Nov. 17

Happily Ever After Reads  
Nov. 21, Mon.
Review, guest post
Nov. 18

Magical Urban Fantasy Reads
Mindy Herbert
Nov. 22, Tues
Q&A, giveaway
Nov. 19

Nov. 23, Wed.

Lisa's World of Books
Lisa McGeen
Nov. 24, Thurs.
Review, guest post, giveaway
Nov. 23

Urban Fantasy Investigations  
Stacy Maynard
Nov. 25, Fri.
Guest post, giveaway
Nov. 22
 Favorite vampire myths
Braintasia Books
Cade Crowley
Nov. 26, Sat.
Review, guest post
Nov. 23

Nov. 27, Sun.

SciFi Chick 
Angela Schuch
Nov. 28, Mon.
Guest post, giveaway
Nov. 25

The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia
Orchid Forsythia   
***Release Date***Nov. 29, Tues
Review, guest post
Nov. 26

I Smell Sheep
Sharon Stogner
Nov. 30, Wed.
Review, guest post
Nov. 27

Among the Muses  
Tanya Hyatt
Dec. 1, Thurs.
Q&A, review, giveaway

Fresh Fiction   

Dec. 2, Fri.
Guest Post
Nov. 28

Rabid Reads    
Dec. 3, Sat.
Review, guest post, giveaway
Nov. 30

Wicked Lil Pixie
Natasha Carty
Dec. 4, Sun.
Review, guest post
Dec. 1

The Qwillery
Sally 'Qwill' Janin
Dec. 5, Mon.
Review, guest post
Dec. 2

The Well Read Wife
Mandy Boles
Dec. 6, Tues.
Guest Post
Dec. 3

Dec. 7, Wed.

Michelle's Book Blog
Michelle Greathouse
Dec. 8, Thurs.
Review, guest post
Dec. 5

Seeing Night Review
Kristen Thompson
Dec. 9, Fri.
Review, guest post, giveaway
Dec. 6

Dec. 10, Sat.

Dec. 11, Sun.

Dec. 12, Mon.

Book Faery
Tori Nicolli
Dec. 13, Tues.
Review, giveaway, Q&A

Vampire Book Club
Chelsea Mueller
Dec. 14, Wed.
Guest post, giveaway
Dec. 10

Nocturne Reads
Brandi Baker
Dec. 15, Thurs.
Review, Q&A


In Doing:

Ca Reviews  
Deb Hern

Review, Q&A

Bookshelf Bombshells                   
Dawn Nikithser 

Review, guest post

The Eclectic Book Lover
Jacqueline Cook


Dear Author
Jane Little


Dangerous Romance  
Laurie Blanchard   

Review, guest post, giveaway

Author Sound Relations
Leena Hyat

Review, Q&A, giveaway

Adventures in SciFi Publishing
Shaun Farrell


Bitten By Books   
Virginia Hendricks


My Shelf
Brenda Weeaks


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