Sunday, November 6, 2011

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If you've already clicked the buttons for the last contest, I HEART you. But you know that already.
Contest ends November 22nd.

On the home front, I re-broke my toe while making cornbread. I'm not kidding. It's broke, broke, broke.
I'm still nursing my diabetic Yorkie, Zap. Last night, my husband, the esteemed Dr. Lordship, was watching a football game and misfired Zap's injection. An unknown amount of insulin ended up on the dog's fur as opposed to his subcutaneous tissue. We couldn't give him another dose. Insulin comas strike fear into my heart and also Lordship's. I keep Karo syrup handy in case that should happen. But still, if you miss an insulin dose or misfire it, that's it, you don't get another chance whether you are a human or a dog.
His Lordshit felt so bad and began to question his medical expertise. (So did I. But I, a former RN, can't work up my nerve to give the injections, not yet). He went straight to Youtube and watched videos on How to Administer an Insulin Injection to a dog.
I set my phone alarm and got up every hour to check on Zap. He was doing fine.But his blood glucose was over 600 this morning.
I still had a few dipsticks to test urine--specific gravity, pH, ketones, protein, blood. So I've been testing all of the dogs' urine for abnormal things. If ye seek, ye shall find.
Now Mister is spilling protein in his urine (I don't know if the urine dipsticks are reliable). So both boys will be visiting the vet.

On a positive note, I made Hungarian Goulash in my slow cooker, and it was rather good.
Monday, I'm cooking white beans and cornbread, an old Tennessee stand-by, better known as comfort food. When my dogs are sick, I stress cook and stress eat.
Anyway, I wish you luck in the contest. And thanks for taking time to visit me here in vampire land.