Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 Spoiler Free Facts in Hunting Daylight

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5 Spoiler Free Facts in Hunting Daylight
Book 2 in the Night Series


Acquainted With the Night presented a new mythology of vampires and focused on an enigmatic prophecy, a vengeful London pharmaceutical company, and a quest for an ancient text on immortality. Two pivotal characters, Caro Clifford and Jude Barrett, embarked on an adventure that raced through Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and Egypt. Caro’s search for the truth led them to Mount Sinai, where a life-altering event awaited them.
 The story in Hunting Daylight brings new problems, expands the science of vampirism, explores exotic locations, and forces the characters to make unbearably tough choices. New plotlines deepen the series’ over-all arc, which centers around the Barrett family’s role in an 8th century prophecy. New and old characters come together and apart—and not everyone will survive.

Here are 5 Spoiler Free Faces about Hunting Daylight:

1.     New Villains:  No pharmaceutical company appears in book 2. The main antagonist is a wealthy Ottoman vampire who owns diamond mines in South Africa.  Mustafa Al-Dîn becomes afflicted with a rare medical condition and his final wish is to walk in daylight. His assistant is a beautiful, kick ass vampire who always gets the job done--and gets what she wants.   

2.     A Scientific Expedition:  The Al-Dîn Corporation has set up a base camp in an unmapped region of Gabon’s Birougou rain forest, and their scientists are hunting a bat species that has a “low-light” gene--this could be a breakthrough in the immortals’ sun-sensitivity. The discovery will fulfill one vampire’s dreams and fuel another’s nightmares.

3.  Romance:  No spoilers. But I’ll give a hint. It’s fanged and torrid.

4.     Exotic Locations:  The action dives into an unexplored African rainforest, and sweeps to a Scottish castle overlooking the sea; an island in the Arctic Circle, during the Polar Day; a charming Swiss town near the Matterhorn; a mansion in Paris and a race across the Seine; the souks and riads of Morocco; a vineyard in Provence; a secret, underground compound in South Africa.

5.    The Girl With Something Extra: A thirteen-year-old girl with pink hair finds herself at the center of a prophecy that pits humans against vampires, and if her talents aren’t controlled, they could set off a personal tragedy . . . or even a world-wide apocalypse.