Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Writer's Journey

Writing a book is like navigating through a twisty maze.

Or climbing an endless stairway.

But at some point, the journey ends.
The writer finishes the book.
I finished the copy edits on Acquainted With the Night, and in about six months, I will hold the finished book in my hands.

I celebrated with a salad--and I was sorry to see the meal end.
I was sorry to be finished with the book, too. Part of my thoughts were still in the maze--maybe I should have turned another way? 
Maybe. Maybe not.

But I'm not alone, because my editor will know if this journey still needs tweaking.
Meanwhile, I will gather all the empty teacups around my desk ...

And rest.
Lawd, I'm tired, and the (lightning struck) house is a wreck.
(The television has been repaired, btw.)

I must rest because another journey is about to begin.
Teeny Templeton needs my help in her next adventure, A Teeny Bit of Trouble.

One journey's end ...
.. is another journey's beginning.

Images courtesy of Dreamstime and Fotolia. Used with permission.