Monday, August 29, 2011

Behind the Scenes in Acquainted With the Night: Greek Food

I like to write about places I've visited. So I wasn't surprised at all when the characters in Acquainted With the Night went to Greece.

Kalambaka is a small town that sits in the shadows of Meteora, the cliff-top monateries.

Here's Varlaarm Monastery, perched atop a boulder. It was amazing to drive up and see these pillars rising into the fog. Like a dream.

Since food is a major issue in our family, we visited many sidewalk cafes and tavernas.

I developed a deep affection for the dark, mysterious, flavorful kalamata olive.

Moussaka is pure comfort food.

And I ate many gyros--these are pita-wrapped (homemade-in-Greece pitas).

I will eat chick peas straight from the can, so I was in Foodie heaven when I found hummus. 

And for dessert--baklava.

Naturally (because I'm a natural Foodie), I have a desperate need to feed people. I love feeding my characters while I'm writing, so Caro and Jude enjoyed several authentic Greek meals. I ended up cutting some of the descriptions because AWTN is a thriller, not a food-fest, but my characters didn't lack for calories. :-)

I wish I could sink my fangs into a thick, sweet chunk of baklava right now.
What about you? What's your favorite Greek food?